Friends and Aquaintances

I have made several new acquaintances since the beginning of the tour, including Grace (aka Amazing Grace). She is a 9 year old from Monatgue, PEI who has travlled all aorund the world (this is her second trip to Israel). I couldn’t resist including a picture of Christopher ZXambello an his grandmother (I think Chris misses MacDonald’s). Also Mel and Samuel, who along for the trip. I can;’t hjelp but thinking that travelling with your grandchild to the Holy Land is agreat way to strengthen them in the faith (see Deut.6). Anyhow, watch here for more blogs throughout our trip!

Chris Zambello and his Grandma

Chris Zambello and his Grandma

Pastor Herb and Gracie

Pastor Herb and Gracie

5 thoughts on “Friends and Aquaintances

    • Barb, I’m going to post a pictrue of Chris reading at Megiddo today. I can’t do much on the smile though. I’ll try to catch him smiling when I can!

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. It’s great to be able to see pictures from so far away and to know you are well and enjoying your trip. We’re praying for you. – Joy

    • Thanks Joy. I hope the alto’s are behaving themselves…why would I hope that? The Alto’s are infamous for thier shenannigans (is that how you spell that word?). Anyhow, look forward to see you all in a week or so!

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