The Vacation Book List

I am hoping to get some reading accomplished on my couple weeks of R and R beginning on Monday. I am looking for some suggestions from you on your favorite vacation reads. At this point I have: The Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor (by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor), Death by Love (by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Bershears), Prodigal God (by Tim Keller), and my one of my seminary Ethics textbooks (by John Frame)! Any other suggestions would be much appreciated!

3 thoughts on “The Vacation Book List

  1. You have the “sacred” topics well covered – here’s a suggestion for the secular.

    Gwynne Dyer – Future Tense (or Climate Wars)


  2. Hi Pastor Herb… On the lighter side, I recommend a book I read a few years ago called “The Joy of Stress” by Loretta Laroche. When Kevin saw me reading it his comments were… Humm… if I was to write my life story it would be called “The Stress of Joy”. He thinks he’s a funny man! On a more serious note, I hope you and your family are having a great vacation and you get all your reading done. I missed Megan and Noah in Junior Church the past 2 weeks. Class is just not the same without them. Take care, Joy

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