About that reading list…

I deeply appreciate the prayers of our church family for my family and I as we spent a couple of weeks away in the state of Maine. Our time was restful and relaxing, filled with warm summer days and lots of memories – the way family vacations should be.

Don’t get me wrong though, it’s great to be back. There is something renewing about the cool fall air (yes – I know you feel it too), and the predictability of a fall routine that makes coming home a great experience too. Reflecting on these realities awakens me to my need to express thankfulness to my God for His bounty to me and my family, undeserved, yet much appreciated. Our God is faithful to all generations!

As to that book list, I thank the few who responded with recommendations and I am pleased to report that I read a few books while I was away, but not all the ones I took. Vacation was interrupted by a funeral and Hebrew studies, so reading quickly gave way to the repetition of the Hebrew alphabet – which my entire family now knows! But, I did read John MacArthur’s book on divorce, which I found excellent. I also read Beyond Belief, the story of Joshua Hamilton at my brother’s request – a book which I enjoyed but left me feeling a little dissatisfied at the end. I nearly completed Driscoll’s book, Death by Love, which I also highly recommend. I guess I’ll have to carve some time out this fall to finish the reading that I was supposed to complete on vacation!

4 Him,
Pastor Herb

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