CCEF PreConference

Hey friends! I am sitting in the pre-conference at this present moment, and decided to share a little about what is happening here! The preconference is a half day event (from 2 – 6) today. I am enjoying these sessions, as they talk us through the dynamics of establishing a counseling ministry in a church. There are four different ministries represented here, of a variety of sizes and complexions. The lady speaking now is talking about Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, a church of 5,000 with 60% singles. Obviously, the correspondence to our own ministry is not great, however, understanding the principles that underlie their approach to counseling can be carried across denominational and congregation sizes. The two previous sessions, focusing on smaller ministries had more immediate application to our own church, but there was much to learn as the presenters challenged us regarding the use of scripture and the gospel in the lives of those being counseled.
It is precisely this point that draws me back to this conference each year. The conference is focused on bringing the gospel, indeed on bringing the entire Word of God to bear on the life of an individual no matter the problem or challenge they are facing. The Word of God, no matter the situation has the answers. Just check 2 Peter 1! Thanks for checking in, I’ll add some pictures tonight!

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