Conference Day 2 – The Living Word

This morning, Dave Powlison talked to us about a counseling case “a composite sketch” of several different counseling cases he has worked with. The names are changed, the details rearranged, but the struggles are real. Carolyn is a 28 year old, who was raped twice by her brothers best friend while in college. She became promiscuous, vengefully promiscuous, as she called, using her powers of seduction to attack people who were in her life. But, she had discovered Christ through the faithful examples of Christian friends and was now meeting with a Christian counsellor to find some help for her story.

Dave skillfully brought the scripture to bear on her life, thinking out loud about what John said in the last verse of his gospel. The books about the work of Jesus, were they all written, would more than fill the earth. Why? because, Jesus is still living and he is still at work! How could the earyh contian the volumes of all of God’s work through Chirst!? That work is ongoing in all of us.

We camped out in Psalm 56. We talked about how real this text was to Carolyn, how real and refreshing was this gracious God who she met there. We thought together about how God paints her picture, and the picture of all those who suffer in gracious, yet vivid terms in Psalm 56.

We closed the session with some practical tips on helping others. Dave said that sin spirals downward. it feeds on itself and becomes more and more self-consumed. But, real change, biblical change works the opposite way. It spirals outward and upward. It is extrospective, not introspective. It puts our focus on God and his work brought to us through Christ.

We now have a homework assignment, and I look forward to interacting with resources that can help me, and then help you as we seek to counsel each other for the glory of God.

Thanks for reading – pray for us, as we pray for you!


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