Relationships, Grace and the Gospel

It’s only Tuesday and already this week I’ve seen life from the underside.

From seeking help with my own personal struggles with sin and temptation, to the pastoral responsibilities of helping others with their personal sins and temptations, life in relationship with others, particularly in the church is messy. Sometimes I find myself wondering if there isn’t a better way. Then, by God’s truth I am pulled back from the brink of despair by the Word of God with the reminder that God himself lives in relationship. Eternal, perpetual community; perfectly balanced within the confines of the trinity. And so, because God is relational, he has called and made us to be relational. Of course, this side of the eternal state, sin mars our relationships, so that none of us live with each other as perfectly as we ought to.

But, he gives grace (Ps.84:11). And so grace becomes our relational dynamic. If I want to live with my spouse in a God-honoring way, I need grace. If I want to live with the other members of my church in a God-honoring way, I need grace. If I am to live in relationship with those around me, I need grace. And grace is at the heart of the gospel. So, I need the gospel, which reminds me I cannot do this on my own, I cannot survive relationships in a broken, fallen world without God’s grace in Christ. However, because of Christ, I don’t lose hope for my relationships because one day I will be like him (1 John 3:2). That will be glory.

God, work in me today in such a way that I might extend grace in my relationships with others. Work in me through your grace that there might be a small measure of Christ reflected in me to those with whom I am in relationship. Glorify yourself through me. Amen

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