Calling all seminary students

Hey!  If you are studying at seminary, welcome to the club! I have studied toward a Master of Divinity degree for the past 11 years. Yes, you read that number right, 11 years. In 1999 I left a youth pastorate in NL, and made my way to Windsor, ON to begin seminary at Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary. After two years and 44 credits, I left DBTS for a pastorate in Saint John, NB. Not long after I arrived, I began to investigate options for continuing study. Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary was beginning a program at the time in Mississauga, ON and I flew up bi-annually to take classes in block format, while finishing the work at home. This worked well for a while, but I had to be honest; at that rate of study, it would take me the rest of my natural life to finish my degree. So, CBTS expanded their program to include a video conferencing dimension that has proved successful for me. We have a Poly Com videoconferencing unit here at the church (graciously on loan from Park Royal Bible Church) and I am able to dial in to live classes each day. This has greatly enhanced the learning process and sped it up as well. I am now on track to graduate in the Spring of 2011.

That was why I noticed with some interest that the bible software company Logos is offering a $1000 scholarship to seminary students who are working on completing their degree. You can read all about it at If you’re a seminarian, you might even want to apply, after all, it can’t hurt! For me seminary has not be a financial burden like it has for others. I pay for books, but the church graciously pays for everything else. I am deeply indebted to them for this and thought it would nice to be able to give them a break from paying my tuition costs for a couple of courses. So hopefully I receive the scholarship – and the software package that accompanies it!

Pastor Herb

1 thought on “Calling all seminary students

  1. Hi Pastor Herb,

    It took me 5 years for my M.Div.!

    By the way, I just created Interactive Training Videos for Logos 4.

    It realy helps people get more out of the software. The training simulates using the software. You can left click, hover your mouse, and even enter text.

    It’s easy and fun!

    I just started this business, and could use any help in getting the word out!

    John Fallahee

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