With One Voice

It was last Wednesday night, during our weekly prayer service, about 7:55pm or so, that it hit me.

Here’s the context: we were having our semi-regular mission’s emphasis prayer service. Simply put, it is a Wednesday evening service entirely devoted to praying for our missionaries. No Bible study, no preaching, just a quick couple of songs and then we prayed for missions.

It was nearing the end of that, when my group had just finished praying that it dawned on me. I was listening to the din of 75 or so voices of the people gathered in the upstairs auditorium praying when I was gripped with the thought that I was sitting in the midst of a powerful application of scripture. Romans 15:6 (ESV) says, “that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

That’s what we were doing. I could not pick out any one voice, but the collective sound of all those people lifting their voices in petition to God on behalf of our missionaries sounded like a single voice. With one unified voice we were making our requests known to God, asking that He would be honoured, that He would be magnified, that He would be exalted on the foreign field through the lives of our missionaries. We were praying for our missionaries – a simple enough task, and yet the Lord was being glorified through us.

When we come to God with our petitions, the burdens and longings of our hearts, God is glorified. When we pray together as a body, He is honoured; He is exalted because a prayer meeting is just a means for us to declare our dependence on him. And whenever we declare our dependence upon God, He is glorified.

C-you in prayer meeting next week,

Pastor Herb

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