Preaching, Prayer and the Power of the Spirit

Well, the Bible Conference has begun! This morning at 9:15, and then again at 11:00, I joined the believers from Lighthouse Baptist Church as we sang, talked and connected around the Word of God the Word of God.

After the services were over, I was encouraged by several conversations that I had with those who had gathered. The conversations usually went something like this. “Thanks Pastor, I have been struggling with something exactly like what you mentioned and God used his Word today to speak to me in this particular way.”

I can tell you that I was filled with rejoicing as by the realization that God, moving in my heart as I prepared a sermon thousands of miles away from someone I did not know, in a way that would connect with a spiritual need in someone’s life on this particular Sunday in February.

Only God could make those connections. They are the providential evidences of a Sovereign God whose Spirit is at work to bring together the brokenness of our lives and our feeble attempts at ministry so that something of eternal value is accomplished. I look forward to what God will do in all our lives tonight as we meet at 6:00pm!

By the way, Parish and Susie – thanks for the great lunch at Red Lobster. It was like a taste of the home on the Canadian Prairies! The good food fed my body and your joyful testimonies fed my Spirit. Thanks for being willing to be used.

Pastor Herb

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