Finding Unity in Diversity

I am finally home after a whirlwind trip. A weeklong trip, sandwiched between two weekends is hardly enough time to renew acquaintance and build friendships. However, since that’s all that was available I took advantage of God’s providence and made the most of the time.

Pastor Herb and Pastor Dave Pruden (Lighthouse Baptist Church)

I think it was on the return home that I began to ponder the diversity I observed on my trip. I began the week at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Edmonton. This church is a unique blend of various people from different backgrounds. The newly saved, the seasoned saint and almost every possible point in between were represented in that church. The fellowship was rich and I sensed the presence of the Spirit throughout the week.

New Life Baptist Church

From Lighthouse Baptist, I traveled to Surrey BC to spend some time with our church planters there, Darrenand Elizabeth Hammermeister. The work God has set before them is a daunting one…they minister in the heart of Canada’s Sihk community and the work if slow and challenging. Yet ministering at the church on Sunday I sensed a rugged determination to persevere in the truth and trust God for the results. New Life Baptist Church, as their church is called, is a great name. As the Spirit of God imparts spiritual life to those who call u[on him, the church is built and shaped. What a privilege to encounter the work of the Spirit among the folks of this new church.

The Wilkinson Clan

From Surrey, I traveled to Vancouver, to the West side of the city. There Dennis and Mistin Wilkinson are just beginning to see the foundations of a new church established. Dennis is doing something new. His church is near a thriving homosexual community and he is surrounded by sophisticated urbanites. His atypical approach (at least atypical to my way of thinking) to church planting may be just the mentality required for planting a church in this unique – and hostile – environment. I certainly wish him God’s best.

Now that I’m home, I am certainly enjoying a return to my scheduled routine. The sounds of family and the familiar hum of daily life have returned. Despite my return to regularity, however, I believe God used my time away to shape and grow me, reminding me that although his body, the church, is diverse and immense (stretching across the country), we each share a union because of Jesus that transcends our differences.

I look forward to hearing how God will continue to strengthen and establish each of these ministries for his glory!

Thanks for praying

Pastor Herb

3 thoughts on “Finding Unity in Diversity

  1. hello everyone! i try to search a church here in france but really didnt found it. but today i search in the internet i found but there is no contact number here in france. i really missed the fellowship of the believers for a long time. i would like to attend if there is a church near at my place.i see one church in reims france but it was too far from my place;bye the way, i live at the north east of france. pls kindly give me a contact number i really needed it ;thanks.

  2. This message is for Dennis and Mistin Wilkinson. Hi guys! We used to be friends when all of us lived in New Hope, MN and they taught Bible lessons to our son, Taras and the other kids in the apartment complex where we lived. We started to use new emails and somehow lost your email address. If you still remember us and would like to reconnect please send me a message on Facebook. Thanks!

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