Are We There Yet? (says Doris Stewart)

Charlies Angels?

We landed in Tel Aviv uneventfully – if an 11 hour flight can be called uneventful. The truth is, we were all pretty tired, and ready to eat…or sleep…or shower. However, we were met at the airport by Reuven Solomon, our guide and Hiem, our driver. Things were packed into the van and hunger and tiredness were soon forgotten as we drank in the sights and sounds all around us. Tel Aviv is a modern city, but is neighboured, by Joppa – known today as Jaffa. We heard tales of Andromeda, a Greek myth that is said to have occurred on the rocks just offshore near Joppa. Then we moved from the secular to the sacred and realized that in front of us lay the house of Simon the Tanner, where Peter receives a vision in Acts 10, and through this vision Peter learns that Jesus death was not just for Kosher Jews but for Gentiles also. This begins the expansion of the church into Gentile communities.

We then broke for lunch in Jaffa, where Caleb was excited to find pizza! It’s not exactly pizza like we’re used to but it had melted cheese, so Caleb was into it. Picked up some Sea shells along the shore and then we headed to the Hotel, where Caleb and I were able to take a dip in the Mediterranean sea, due to the 22 degrees Celsius temperature! The sight of me in a bathing suit did frighten some of the locals, but I am happy to report no one has photographic evidence of this event!

Caleb Loves His Pizza!

Finally we came inside and rested before heading down to a delightful supper meal. Now it’s off to bed so we’ll be able to enjoy the day tomorrow! If you’re loved ones are on this trip – I assure you everyone is doing just fine!

2 thoughts on “Are We There Yet? (says Doris Stewart)

  1. Shalom Pastor herb!

    I look forward to following the trip via Facebook and your blog. I am looking forward to traveling ‘down memory lane’ as I read about some places that I remember from 2 years ago. I didn’t see much of Tel Aviv in ’09, but based on your itinerary (which I got from John & Dorothy), I know that many of your other stops will ‘ring a bell’ with me.

    Erev Tov and God Bless,


  2. Herb your blog is both informative and comical. Am so thankful for it as well as the absence of bathing suit pics.

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