From Ceasarea to the Leap of the Lord

Today we began with an early wakeup call (6:30am). From Tel Aviv we drove North to Herod’s masterpiece, the city of Caesarea. After spending a couple of hours touring the ruins we were entertained by a very lively host at the theater where we viewed two multi-media presentations about the port city.

Caleb tries Chicken Schnitzel

From Caesarea we traveled to the aqueduct, stopping only briefly, where we scared two from our group by pulling away from the parking lot without them on the bus. We enjoyed a good laugh at their expense, but then we moved North to Carmel. We stopped for a Druze lunch, and Caleb tried chicken schnitzel. He says it just tastes like a chicken sandwich!

On Mount Carmel we looked out over the Jezreel valley, but were not able to stay long as we needed to get to Nazareth for a 3:30 appointment.

We traveled from Mt. Carmel to Megiddo, and after viewing a short video about the sight we headed out to tour the ruin. Caleb climbed a sycamore tree, then he stood behind a makeshift chariot. He also gave the reading at their sight were we overlooked the battlefield of Armageddon. From Megiddo we headed to Nazareth village. This site is a working site, similar in concept to a place like King’s Landing and we enjoyed a word of testimony from Rani our Christian guide at the site. We sand “Wonderful words of life” in the synagogue, where Jesus taught concerning himself.

Caleb drives the chariot at Megiddo

Of course, Jesus teachings were not well received and he was taken to a precipice and was going to be thrown off. We visited this site – known as Mount Precipice or the Leap of the Lord, just as dusk was falling. Then, we had an hour bus drive to our Hotel – a kibbutz guest house on the slopes of the Golan heights, where we ate supper and most of us – except for the ones who stay up late to blog, fell into bed!

Looking forward to the day tomorrow!!

Pastor Herb

3 thoughts on “From Ceasarea to the Leap of the Lord

  1. Wow! There is something about Mt. Muhkraka that doesn’t want tourists to stay. I remember last time we were chased away from the site due to the monks’ lunch break.

  2. I hope it wasn’t John and Dorothy you were going to leave behind. Thanks for the updates, Herb. I am enjoying them immensely. How I wish I was there!

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