Jesus and the Almighty Dollar

Doris Stewart with Reuven, our guide

Israel is a crassly commercial place. I don’t say that to minimize its natural beauty,a beauty we have been able to witness both from the shore and on the Sea of Galilee, where we were touring today, but I say it to highlight the fact that Jesus sells in Israel. I don’t say that to suggest that he doesn’t sell anywhere else, Jesus is commercialized even in the West. But, make no mistake, Jesus is big money in the Holy Land.

We saw the Jesus boat today, the place where Jesus cooked a breakfast for the disciples and where he confronted Peter (John 21). We saw where Jesus walked on water and where Jesus grew up. We also saw an assortment of stones, pendants, jewellery, hats, rings, magnets and bumper stickers – all available in the gift shop for you to purchase. Turns out Jesus is an economic engine.

All of this is of course in stark contrast to Jesus himself, who never owned a home, much less things to decorate it with. However, I digress. If selling Jesus is what it takes for Israel to survive, then I guess I can buy a few trinkets to help out the Israeli economy.

John McKim (aka Captain Israel)

Today was a lot of fun, with laughter, conversation, praying and singing…and a wee word (sort of wee anyway) from John McKim. The laughter ofcourse, usually comes from Claire E who is enjoying herself immensely, but the others are not far behind. People have roared at the things Doris S says, and Charlene has us in stitches when we listen to her laugh.

Claire share a laugh with her new friend

Tonight we drove into Tiberias for a laser light and water show, and then a video at the Galilee Experience. Ice cream and a walk to our bus ended the night. It was only 20 minutes to drive back to the hotel but by the time we arrived (about 10:45), Caleb was fast asleep, leaning on my shoulder. The time changes here tonight, so we lose an hour of sleep but sleep seems like such a waste of time in a land with so many things to see…and buy!

From the slopes of the Golan Heights,

Pastor Herb

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