A Time to Remember

Pastor pushing the wheel for making Olive Oil (a job normally reserved for donkeys)

There are some things you would like to forget and can’t. Then there are things you wish you could forget but know you shouldn’t. The Holocaust is one of those events. Few things are as deeply disturbing as the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem but few things are as necessary. We spent a couple of hours walking through the memorial, each lost in our own thoughts, overwhelmed by a dizzying array of multi-media presentations, written testimonials and artifact displays. We began with a look down the Avenue of the Righteous and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place as Reuven spoke of those who did the right thing in protecting Jews from their Nazi persecutors. The trip ended with a walk through the children’s memorial and another moving speech about the need to remember such a grisly work of evil as the Holocaust. Without a doubt, the drive away was the quietest of the trip.

We then traveled to Neot Kedumiim, where we hiked through a 600 acre park with various plants from biblical times. We looked particularly at the seven species from the Bible (Deut 8:8). When you consider all the agricultural references in the Bible, understanding the plants helps bring the wording to life! We had lunch at Modiin too, in a mall that looked surprisingly like something we would see at home. I even stuck my head in the Toys R Us that was in the mall!

Caleb demonstrates the Almond - not yet ripened - but still edible

We ended the day with a quick tour of the Shrine of the Book where the dead sea scrolls and displays about them are kept. The Shrine of the Book is on the sprawling campus of the Israel Museum. And so while we were there we took in the model of Jerusalem and some of the art that is there as part of their gallery. We ended – where else – in the gift shop!

We made a brief stop in the Old City tonight (Caleb, Art, Mom and I), but Art is not a shopper and Caleb was hungry for supper, so the trip didn’t last to long. Maybe we’ll do it again tomorrow!

Anyhow, a more somber day today – certainly fitting considering the events of the morning. Tomorrow is our last day – my next blog post will be from home in three days, I simply can’t afford more internet time…As those of you who have traveled here know…running out of a money is a distinct possibility!

The beginnings of the pomegranate

Pastor Herb

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