The Beauty and Diversity of the Land

Stalactite cave formations

The landscape and geography of Israel is diverse enough for a country many times larger in size. From the lush green hills of the North, to the coastal plains near the Mediterranean with its sandy beaches; from the steep hills in and around Jerusalem to the barren outcrops of the Judean wilderness there is such diversity in such a small space that one forgets Israel is less than half the size of Nova Scotia in land mass.

The last day of touring in Israel was dominated by visits to some of the natural wonders that mark this great landscape. Since much of the bedrock of Israel is limestone, many caves have formed. We visited one particular sample, enjoying the rock formations that have formed over thousands of years of water erosion and cataclysm. We visited caves that people lived in and caves that were only recently discovered. We spent our last day enjoying the landscapes of Israel.

Exploring Israel with My Mom, Uncle and Son!

We had a close encounter with a car that was fish-tailing out of control, which could have ended up in an accident, but God’s hand was once again upon us and He protected us from harm. Our final day was fun, but definitely one where the fatigue of daily touring was beginning to show.

It’s good to be home, although I enjoyed immensely my trip to the Holy Land. I can’t wait to go back. Perhaps next time I go, you’ll be able to join me!

Pastor Herb

Pods of the Carrob Tree

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