Herb and Joel’s Excellent Adventure

Joel Eastwood and I left Saint John on Wednesday to head for Louisville, Kentucky to the CCEF national conference. CCEF is short for the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation. The CCEF is at the forefront of the ministry of Christian counseling and their resources are second to none. I have profited greatly from their conferences and books in the past and Joel decided he would love to join me for this year’s event. You can check out their website and info about the conference here: http://www.ccef.org/conference/

So, as I was saying, we left Saint John around 9:00am and headed down to Bangor for a flight that was supposed to take us to New York City, Atlanta and then Louisville. Our passage through security was relatively easy, except the security guard gave me grief for not having my liquids and gels from my shaving kit in a ½ gallon Ziploc baggie. I think she was just having a bad day though, because she gave Joel a tongue lashing for having his in 1 gallon bag!

We no sooner arrived at our gate when the flight attendant announced that he was looking for two volunteers to give up their seats. So Joel and I stepped forward to see what was involved. The flight attendant thanked us, gave us $400 in flight credits for anywhere Delta flies, and we were re-routed to Louisville through Detroit, Michigan a few hours later – but our flight would arrive in Louisville at almost the same time. As we were leaving the gate area, the flight attendant announced to the remaining passengers that they were grounded due to bad weather in NYC and might not get out for a couple of hours. Joel and I certainly felt blessed!

We finally made it to Louisville, at about 9:15pm, and waited for about 45 minutes for our shuttle to arrive to pick us up. By the way, it was colder in Louisville Kentucky than it was in Saint John. I wore shorts, because I figured we would end up in warmer weather. As I stood shivering on the sidewalk, I realized the foolishness of my decision! If you’re interested in checking it out online…we are staying at the Galt House in downtown Louisville.

This morning, I am heading to the pre-conference (the main conference starts on Friday). At the pre-conference, Tim Lane, author of Marriage Matters is going to be walking through his book and helping us understand how to use that book alongside the Bible as we counsel those struggling in marriage. I am looking forward to this, as a sinner saved by grace, not only so I can help others more effectively, but so my own marriage will be improved.

Pray for me…and may God be glorified in all of us today as we seek to do his will!

Pastor Herb

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