When All You Can Say is Wow!

Wow. How do you describe one day at a CCEF conference. You just say wow. We started at 9:00am, it’s now 10:35pm and we have just come back to the room to head to bed. We have been filled up with scripture, with contemplations on how to improve our counsel, how to connect with those who are suffering, how to understand psychiatric diagnosis, how to counsel emotionally unstable people, just to scratch the surface. We have listened in the sessions, asked questions, met new people, and talked over lunch and supper. It is exhausting but invigorating. My hope as a pastor is that my time here will improve the quality of my time there. God has set a task in front of me – to shepherd the people of FBC. And their generosity in allowing me to go to a conference like this hopefully improves my ability to serve them more effectively.

Looking forward to the sessions tomorrow, and looking forward to a good night of sleep.

Good night from Louisville, KY

Pastor Herb

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