Why “Goodbye” Should Be “See You Later”

Our church has bid a fond farewell to the Banks family. It’s true we have yet to pack them up into their moving truck and it’s true that they are still in town for the next few days, but we have done the hard work of saying goodbye.

It seems like in this life, saying goodbye is one of those difficult tasks. There are tears, sighs, and memories. Life in fallen world is full of those realities and they seem to be more frequent than we would like. Thankfully, goodbye for the believer is never a permanent reality.

This is one of the great truths of the Christian’s life. Although separated by distance, or in the case of the Troester’s, by an ocean, the wonderful truth about God’s family is that when people are united in Christ, there is the hope of a future reunion. So while John and Abby have gone to PA, and Joel and Joan Troester have gone to PA and eventually back to Mozambique, our separation is not permanent. Even if we never lay eyes on them again this side of heaven, we’ll have all eternity to visit together.

And so perhaps better than goodbye, we should say, “see you later.”

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