Your Marriage and the Grace of God

When someone loses hope for their marriage, there is usually a corresponding abandonment of grace. Here’s how it works. A marriage full of unresolved, unpardoned sins can leave a spouse feeling worn down. While they may have been willing to overlook these sins early on in marriage by seeking God’s grace, time tends to distract them from the daily pursuit of grace. They wonder if things will ever change. Their focus shifts from their neediness to their discomfort. In this process they lose sight of God’s grace. They come to believe that their marriage cannot survive. So, they start looking around. They compare other marriages to their own. They begin to believe the lie of the devil that their spouse is the source of their unhappiness. Then, they leave looking for greener pastures, which they inevitably never find. They forget that there is in Christ enough grace to deal with the sins of their marriage. There is enough grace to deal with a lazy husband. There is enough grace to deal with a nagging wife. There is always enough grace to deal with the sins that a close relationship like marriage brings to the surface. Romans 5:20 tells us that where sins abound, grace abounds more. There is always enough grace. But you must come to God, ask for it, and watch him supply the grace that is needed! You can’t become inactive. You must move toward your spouse, seeking to know God’s grace to deal with the challenges of this sanctifying relationship!

2 thoughts on “Your Marriage and the Grace of God

    • My statement about losing hope and consequently abandoning grace is based on my observation and counseling experience – and a does of biblical wisdom. I do note that it is “usually” true because I grant that there may be times when it is not. But hope and grace are connected. If I have hope for my marriage, I am willing to extend grace to my spouse (that is I am willing to treat them in ways they do not deserve). Hope causes me to move toward my spouse in grace. Similarly, because I know there is grace from God to meet my every need and struggle in marriage, I am filled with hope (Rom.15:13). Grace and hope cause me to seek reconciliation and renewal for my marriage, not to move away from my spouse in fear and anger. That’s all I’m saying.

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