Day One Overload at the Biblical Counselling Training Conference

Well, the first day is over…and it was excellent. Started at 8:15am, ended at 6:30pm completing 8 sessions. The session topics were:

1) Abused as a child, suffering as an adult – I enjoyed this session, lots of helpful scriptural thinking on dealing with people who have suffered abuse. A little heavy for first thing in the morning, as you can imagine.

2) How to Develop Spiritual Maturity – this was the first of two sessions on this topic, the first session consisted mostly of the presenters story of how he reached the bottom in this own ministry life and what he learned as God brought him through it. Good story…

3) How to Develop Spiritual Maturity – this was the conclusion of the previous session. Lots of great practical advice here, much of which I look forward to putting into practice…take home line from this session…I needed to be more concerned about the God of men, instead of the men of God.

4) Using the Psalms with the Sufferer – this was a helpful look at 4 psalms, 13, 25, 63, 23…and how these verses help us share God’s love and counsel with those who are suffering…go ahead, read them, they’ll be a help to you, I’m sure!

5) Strategies for Dealing with Pornography – this session gave four fronts on which the war with pornography must be waged. The faith front, the circumstance front, the self (internal) front, and the people front. I won’t explain it all here, but it was
Insightful and excellent

6) Fybromyalgia – this session took aim at counselling those who have received a diagnosis from their doctor of fybromyalgia . Although no one with this diagnosis has ever come to me for counsel, the skill of the presenter in using scripture to speak to this condition was helpful and instructive for more than just this mysterious illness!

7) Counseling those with Anorexia and Bulimia – this session was also very helpful. Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s insight into food choices was soooo helpful. Her thoughts about Christ eating perfectly were very insightful and will provide me much food for thought in future years (pardon the pun).

8) Infertility and Miscarriage – this is a far more common problem than most people realize and is often the unaddressed grief in the church. The OBGYN who presented was helpful and direct in his comments, and provided helpful strategies for helping those who suffer with this.

Great day, I’d love to say more, but I gotta get to bed, my brain hurts! but my soul is full!

Thanks for seeing me here church…

Pastor Herb

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