The Home Stretch

Well, I am finally on the home stretch. Having finished Thursday’s sessions, I have now completed 30 hours of counselling training, and I am the better for it. I am personally enriched, spiritually convicted, thoroughly blessed and bursting with confidence in God’s Word. What a great week this has been.

Let me share one of today’s special blessings. This morning, after a session with Steve Viars on “Counselling and our Union With Christ” we heard from Dr. Wickert and Jocelyn Wallace (yes, if you’re from our church, that is weird). Dr. Wickert is a obgyn and Jocelyn suffered through post partum depression. Her story was gut wrenching, but as hard it was to hear, the real blessing was found in hearing Jocelyn talk about what she learned out of the process (and she went through a deep valley). Here is some of what she said…

1) God is not freaked out by the hard questions…He is a big God.
2) I was using the energy God gave me to fight the battles I was facing to fight battles I wasn’t (Jocelyn related this in connection to the fears that held her heart)
3) I had to give up the idols that were running my life.
4) I had to confess and repent of cutting myself off from real relationships.
5) I had to admit that my Christianity was all about doing instead of being.
6) I had made an idol out of satisfaction.
7) I was trying to uphold an image – rather than knowing and loving God and his son, Jesus Christ.
8) Christianity is not an emotionless religion, it is a thriving relationship.

This woman’s courage and boldness to share some of the darkness that she suffered through was touching, and I was moved by it. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place. However, I was also moved with her willingness to own her part in the struggle. That’s why I love the Biblical counselling training that I have received here. It mixes godly compassion for wrong suffered as well as a robust theology of personal responsibility which sees eery person as a sinner too.

May God use this week to transform my own life and ministry…continuing the work he began in my which he promises to bring to completion at his appearing!

C-you all Sunday…

Pastor Herb

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