The Death of Death

In the creation narrative that is found in Genesis 1 we learn quickly that God is a God who gives life. Over and over again, He creates living things. On the other hand, we find in Genesis the presence of one opposed to God’s work – he is called the Serpent. Because of his tempting, sin enters the creation and death because of sin. So Satan becomes the father of death.

From these foundational chapters throughout the Bible God is presented as the giver of life and Satan is presented as the one who takes life. In fact, God’s eternal dwelling place is a place where there is a flowing river of life, which comes directly from God’s throne and a tree of life from which people are invited to eat! God is all about life – Satan is all about death. These dueling purposes can be seen throughout the Bible.

Now, as long as we confine death to a theological subject, we can discuss it with some detachment, but when death is closer, when it’s more personal, it’s downright scary. Death makes us uncomfortable. It makes us fearful. This fear of death is a fear that the Bible talks about. The bible likens the fear of death to slavery, a slavery which holds you captive. But thankfully, Jesus death has done something about that fear of death we all have.

According to Hebrews 2:14 Jesus came and took on human flesh so that he might die. The very thing we try to avoid, Jesus came to do. He came and he died, the writer of Hebrews tells us in order to do two things. First, he destroys the one who has the power of death, the devil. Jesus came to die in order that the destroyer might be destroyed. Jesus robs Satan of his power – the power to cause people to sin and then to die (Col.2:15). The punishment that might have been mine because of my sin – separation from God (death) – was placed on Christ, and in his death he robs death of its sting (1 Cor.15:55-57). Praise be to God. Secondly Jesus comes and delivers me form the fear of death. Although there is still uncertainty about when and how I will die, but there is no longer any question about what lies beyond death. Part of the uncertainty of death is knowing what happens after it’s done. But this is what we know – when we breathe our last breath here – if we know Jesus – our next breath is in glory! So we no longer live enslaved to the fear of death. According to verse 15 he comes to deliver me.

Have you experienced this freedom yet? These realities can be yours if you trust him by faith.

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