The Biblical Counseling Training Conference – Day 2

The second day of the BCTC began the same way the first day began…at 8:00am in the main auditorium of Faith Church. We began the day with Pastor Steve Viars talking to us about progressive sanctification. This didn’t really reveal anything I didn’t already know but I have to say, there is a value in being reminded of things you hadn’t recently considered. The second session was on Trials and Suffering. This sessin was very helpful. while we can probably never fully answer the question of “why?” the biblical counslor can certainly provide an answer to “how?” The Bible after all, is an excellent resource for teaching us how to suffer well. And it also has something to say to us about the resons for suffering, although it stops short of declaring to us all of God’s purposes in our pain (see Deut.29:29). I enjoyed that session very much. From that session we moved to Issues in Counseling Philosophies. This was a helpful review of the different ways in which counseling is offered. In some cases, counseling is given with the understanding that man is made up of biology and chemistry and medication is the best way to treat problems. In other cases, therapy is offered in the context of helping people to self-actualize, finding their inner goodness and expressing it. Whether these models are used or some other form, we were reminded that in the end, the best model for counseling is the biblical one. Because only the Bible (and the Christian Theistic worldview it promotes) give us an accurate understanding of mans existence, mans nature, mans purpose and mans problems. It was refreshing to be challenged again to consider that the Bible has the answers to human needs! Too often we are ashamed of the Bible because the dominant view of our day is the secular one. From there we did a session on Marriage, a session on sex, a video session watching counseling take place, a question and answer time and then a challenge from Pastor Viars to finish the day on Taking the Gospel to the City. What n encouraging, refreshing and helpful day. I even included a picture of all three of us at Olive Garden for supper. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo of Pastor Ryan King from Westville, NS. I’ll try to take a better picture tomorrow!


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