The Biblical Counseling Training Conference – Day One

After a long day of travel yesterday (from Saint John to Lafayette) we were excited to get right into the business of learning. We started today at 8:00am, with the first session tackling the question: What Makes Biblical Counseling Biblical? Given the many different models for counseling used in churches and private counseling practices across North America, it was refreshing to be reminded by Pastor Steve Viars that a Biblical Counselor is committed to a 1 Timothy 3:16 kind of counseling. That is to say, that a Biblical Counselor is dedicated to helping people rom the scriptures, realizing that the scriptures are the only sufficient source for knowing how God would have us live. If you don’t think this kind of emphasis is needed, you probably haven’t been exposed to much counseling practice that goes on in the Christian world today! From session one we continued on to the next three sessions which talked abut the process of Biblical Counseling. Knowing what it is, we need to know how to do it. These three sessions were very helpful for me. Some of it is familiar, some of it new, but all of it a great reminder. Then, after a quick lunch we talked about how to organize data. When people come for counseling, they say a lot of things. How do you know what’s relevant and what isn’t? Not everything a counselee says is relevant t the problem your trying to help them with. Knowing what is relevant and what isn’t is an important skill! Pastor Viars – who did several of today’s sessions – lead us through a “case study” on Mary and John who were having marriage trouble. Very helpful session. Probably the best of the day. Then we had three more sessions, ending the day with a message form Pastor Viars about 1 John 1:7-2:2 on Walking in the Light. I was convicted, challenged and changed as a result of my exposure to the Word of God today. Looking forward to tomorrow. By the way, Gary and I are fine, and Pastor Dave Coats (if you know him) says hello! We’ve been reconnecting this week! I’ll post some pictures tomorrow!

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