The Biblical Counseling Training Conference – Day 3

Well, day 3 of this conference is now over. So far, we have sat in 25 hour long sessions. The chairs are comfortable, but to be honest, few chairs are comfortable when you have sat in them all day long! I’m not sure how much coffee has been consumed, but I know I am certainly over my daily limit! I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining, because I’m not. The material we have covered has been instructive, convicting, and exactly what I have needed. I have already discerned several places where I will be able to apply what I have learned to my own counseling. I miss my family, my bed and my church, but I’ll be home in a couple days! Gary Doull seems excited about what he is learning too, although he is in a different building from us. I drop him off int he morning and pick him up in the evening…but he tells me he is thankful for the experience! Todays sessions were as follows: 1) The Husband’s Role, 2) The Wife’s Role, 3) Helping Those Suffering with Depression, 4) Understanding Biblical Forgiveness, 5) Understanding and Overcoming Sexual Sin, 6) Counseling People with a Medical Illness, 7) Four Rules of Communication, 8) Making Much of God in Your Counseling. The last session was with Pastor Brad Bigney and probably my favourite of the day. It was our choice at the last session which one we wanted to go to, and I had heard Pastor Bigney before, and like him a lot, so I went. And it was excellent. I was convicted about my lack of commitment to reflecting the glory of God in all I do. Thanks for all your prayers. I included a picture of lunch time with just the participants in track 1. There are almost 2000 people at this conference in 6 tracks! Thanks to my church family for the time off and the funding to go!


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