The Biblical Counseling Training Conference – Day 4

Wow, what a day! We are pretty well accustomed to the daily schedule now, and although it’s intense, it’s worth the effort. I have notes galore and what feels like a 25 pound binder, but I have a full head and heart. I can truly say I needed what has gone on here this week. Thanks again, church. We spent much of the day on the subject of parenting with one of the deacons from Faith Church. His presentation was excellent! We heard from Pastor Brad Bigney (one of my favourites) on the subject of guilt and then a session on worry and anxiety. We did another video observation from a video series of counseling sessions which we began yesterday, followed by a q and a time with Pastor Viars. We broke for supper, then came back for our evening service at 7:00pm. Dr. Ware from Crossroads Bible College spoke to us out of Revelation 2 and challenged us to remember our first love. He was an animated speaker, with excellent content, and I thoroughly enjoyed him. I thought I would leave you with a picture from supper, with Pastor Dave joining us and Emily (Blair Doull’s girlfriend) who is in college out here! We start the long journey home after a couple of sessions tomorrow morning! Please pray for us…I hear there is snow back home?!


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