Pack Early or Not?

When it comes tPackingo packing for a trip, everyone is a little different. Some people pack a week in advance, while others pack only hours before they leave. If you must know, I’m a classic procrastinator. I like to think I work better under pressure, but it’s actually more practical than that. If I pack everything early, what will I wear? Considering the temperature around here has been in the minus degrees centigrade since November, I’m not likely to haul on an old pair of shorts and a holey t-shirt to go out to the mall.

But this trip, I have pledged to be different. So, here it is a couple of days before I leave for Israel and as you can see from the photo, I’m getting ready in advance. That way, when I get to Israel, the meticulous planning which I have done beforehand will guarantee I don’t forget anything. Mind you, whenever I think of something I need to take, I can’t remember whether or not I packed it, so I have to keep unpacking to see what’s in the suitcase…perhaps I should take a picture of my suitcase before I zip it up so I’ll remember what’s in it. Kind of like posting a picture on the fridge for your kids, so they don’t have to keep opening it to see what’s inside.

Wednesday will come, packed or not, and we’ll be off to Israel. Even though I know I’ll forget something, I just keep reminding myself that’s why God made convenience stores.

My wife, on the other hand, had her clothes out and ready to go a week in advance. I noticed the other day a couple of rolls of lifesavers sticking out from between a couple of her t-shirts. Apparently she packs early to hide the treats from the kids. At least I know where to look when I get the munchies.

Check back here each day, and I’ll have a post about our trip to Israel. Please keep us in your prayers – and if you think of it, please pray that our luggage arrives! All the careful packing in the world is of no value, if your suitcase goes to Tahiti and you to Tel Aviv!

 Pastor Herb

1 thought on “Pack Early or Not?

  1. Praying the entire trip will be a great blessing not just for you and Janet, but for all who go. The Lord blesses those who bless Israel

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