First Full Day of Touring

Today begin with breakfast around 6:45am. I particularly enjoyed the pickled herring and mackerel, but less adventurous palates went for the omelettes and scrambled eggs. Lots of cheese and juice to go around too. Sorry to tell you, but there were no lucky charms for Isaac Burrill at this stop!

We began the day at Jaffa, looked at Simon the Tanner’s house, had a reading from Acts 10, and then moved up the street to the Franciscan church where we were able to stick our heads in the door to see a beautiful Painting of the vision Peter had of the sheets with the unclean animals and also a large pulpit made of cedar.

From Jaffa (think Joppa from Bible times), we loaded back on the bus and made our way North along the coast (the Romans called this road the Via Maris). We stopped at Caesarea. Here we observed the Roman ruins, the theatre, the hippodrome, the palace and the harbour, which made Caesarea so famous in the ancient world. After a quick bathroom stop, it was back on the bus and off to lunch at a Druze cafe.

We had an enjoyable lunch, then went up Mount Carmel to view the site where Elijah slew the 450 prophets of Baal after calling fire out of heaven (1 Kings 18). With a beautiful view overlooking the Jezreel Valley, we saw many things from this rooftop lookout. We saw Mount Tabor (aka the Mount of Transfiguration), the mountains of Gilboa, you could see Nazareth in the distance, you could see Armageddon, and many of the modern Jewish towns and farms that produce the agricultural goods for which Israel is famous.

Then we moved to Tel Megiddo. We viewed the impressive ancient ruins which are there (25 civilizations on top of each other), and even walked down 186 steps to the water cistern.

From Megiddo, we came back to our hotel on the Sea of Galilee. It was a great day together. We are laughing, talking and enjoying each other’s company each day. I must tell you, because I’m sure you want to know such things…we have not yet found Gene Anderson or Isaac Burrill a girlfriend, but we are trying. We keep coming to plantations growing date palms. We have assured these single men that if they would only buy one and grow it in their yard at home, their fortunes might change!

We are also finding out interesting things about each other…apparently, some people are willing to pay whatever cost necessary to drink their soda…

We’re all well and having a wonderful time!

Shalom from Israel,
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