The Golan Heights_Day Three

Erev Tov everyone! (That’s good evening in Hebrew). I wish  could say I am feeling bad for all you freezing Canadians, but honestly, it’s in the mid-twenties here and it’s nice! Maybe some day it will return to the Maritimes!

imageToday started like most days, with a 6:15am wake up call and a buffet breakfast. No one is suffering from a lack of things to eat, although we are trying to curb Isaac Burrill’s Pepsi habit (at $4 a bottle it shouldn’t be too hard). By 7:45 we are on the bus and heading out for a day of touring. Today we began the day at the Church of the Beatitudes. The church is well maintained and in very peaceful location. We enjoyed a stroll among the gardens and a reading from Matthew 5.

From the Mount of the Beattitudes, we began our trek up, up, up to the city of Safed. Safed is an artist colony and home to the Jewish Kabala movement. We saw  souple of synagogues and some impressive ruins. “The Sisters” as they are now called (Barbara Harpur and Sandra Auterson) didn’t escape without doing a bit of shopping while most of the rest of us took in a beeswax candle factory, with some impressive wax art (see picture).

Entirely handcrafted from Beeswax!

Entirely handcrafted from Beeswax!

From Safed, we moved North to Tel Dan in the North of Galilee. Of course, Tel Dan is the location of the altar which Jeroboam set up when the kingdom divided. I have never personally been to this location before and I enjoyed the impressive ruins. We had a bit of a scare, when we thought we lost Curtis Mawhinney and then Joel Eastwood, but they are all safe and we’ll leave the rest of the story untold!

No, I still have my head!

No, I still have my head!

After exploring Tel Dan – or before exploring it, we stopped in an Israeli Mall for lunch, and were surprised to find a Shoppers Drug Mart! We also found a grocery store, so many stocked up on snacks! From there we went to Ceasarea Philippi and from Ceasarea Phillipi we moved further North into the Golan heights. We talked about Israel’s military history and her difficulties to survive as a nation. We saw into Syria, into Lebanon and I think we were all gripped by a sense of the overwhelming odds against which Israel has persevered by God’s blessing upon her.

We ended the day back at our hotel and following supper, we had a testimony time in lieu of our evening service! What a great day. Tomorrow we make our way up to Jerusalem!

Enjoy the pictures and the video of us fishing on the Sea of Galilee!

Keep warm! Shalom!

Pastor Herb

Goat Stop!

The Touring Ladies!

The Touring Ladies!

Pastors in the  Temple of Pan

Pastors in the Temple of Pan




















Fishing on the Sea of Galilee_3.22.2014 (Yesterday)

1 thought on “The Golan Heights_Day Three

  1. Would like to hear Isaac sing all of “Amazing Grace”. It was wonderful. Glad you guys are having such a great time., would love to be there.

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