Home Again, Home Again

Alex Henderson and the "Sisters"

Alex Henderson and the “Sisters”

Well, another trip to Israel is over. This makes a total of 5 trips for me, but each one ws unique. I saw thing this time I had not seen before, and I learned things this time that I did not know before. It’s one of the reasons I keep going back. There is more to see, there is more to learn.

Guess kids around the world like the same things!

Guess kids around the world like the same things!

As far as the return trip home was concerned, we had an eventful trip. We had a few bouncy moments of turbulence, but nothing unexpected. We were grateful to know that so many back home were praying for our safe return. We now need a couple of days to recover from the effects of jet lag. Jet lag refers to the time it takes for your body to readjust to your schedule once you arrive home. I admit I stared blankly into space more than once this morning, as I couldn’t seem to get my mind in gear! Perhaps what I needed was some of the Israeli coffee we were growing accustomed to!

Eli our bus driver!

Eli our bus driver!

My appreciation for this land has grown and my burden for the Jewish people has grown right along with it. My prayer is like Paul’s, that Israel might be saved (Rom.10:1). I trust you will join me in that same prayer. The Jewish people are special to God, according to the Bible, and I am convinced that He has plan for them even yet.

Rachela our guide at the Tel Aviv airport

Rachela our guide at the Tel Aviv airport

On a slightly less serious note…jet lagged or not, I need to hit the treadmill! I came home from Israel 5 pounds heavier than I was when I left!

By the way, there is already talk of another trip…start saving your pennies!

Pastor Herb

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