Joburg, South Africa

We have finally made it Johannesburg, South Africa. The city is affectionately called Joburg by its residents. And there are many residents…about 9 million of them over a large sprawling city.

We drove from Saint John to Boston, left the Lomax’s van at the Holiday Inn Express in Saugus, MA, where we will stay on the way home. We took their shuttle to the airport and left three hours later for Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. We were a little late in departing Boston, but the flight over was smooth and uneventful. Six and a half hours later we landed and got off the plane, and began the long walk to the next departure gate.

From Schipol airport in Amsterdam, we boarded a very full flight to Joburg. And for the next 10.5 hours we bounced and napped and ate and talked and read our way to Johannesburg. We met Dan Hassman at the airport, and he delivered us to the Vetho apartments (you can google these if you want to see them) where we have booked a two bedroom suite for our stay in Joburg. The accommodations are basic, but adequate and pretty reasonably priced for $60 a day.

We’re up now, finally awake, showered and ready to head out to the Hassmans. I’ll post more tonight!

Pastor Herb

1 thought on “Joburg, South Africa

  1. Our church had a missionary there on the field for years. Charlie Lambshead and his wife Godly missionary’s. Please stay together and be safe. Praying for journey mercy’s and encouragement for those on the field etc.

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