Living on Mission

Here in Joburg, we are getting an education on how missions is done. Our missionaries here, Dan and Karyn Hassman, are working among the French speaking population, working to establish a church and do theological education. They meet at the Hillbrow Baptist Church (pictured below). Tonight (Thursday) the men (Dan, Shane and I) travelled to the church – which is in the community of Hillbrow surrounded by tall high rise apartments (also pictured below). While the service was going on in English downstairs, we met with Paul and Merris and studied on prayer. The lesson and conversation were on prayer, which we appreciated, even though it was difficult to follow it all since it was in French. We prayed for our families back home, praised the Lord for safe travels and prayed for the Lord to do a work among the African people. We sang some too, although singing songs with familiar tunes but in a language you don’t know can be a challenge!

Our hosts are taking good care of us, feeding us delicious meals. The four girls are entertaining us, and seemed genuinely pleased with the gift we brought from the church. Tomorrow we visit a wildlife park with the family and then Saturday is Bible Institute studies.

Pray for us! And know that people in South Africa have prayed for you!

Pastor Herb





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