Animal Excursion, Animal Eating

On our second full day in Africa, we took some time to enjoy the Hassman family and the beauty of God’s creation! We went on an outing with the six Hassmans to the Rhino and Lion Park in the North East of Joburg. We spent much of the day driving through the park, seeing lions and some cheetahs, tigers and a variety of birds and deer-like animals with large horns. We tried valiantly to keep Shane from shooting anything and everything he saw. We decided that the Black Sable would look best mounted over the fireplace. You can see some of the animals we looked at in the pictures below. The girls were, as you might expect of kids aged 11, 10, 6 and 3, excited to see the animals, and they each took turns driving in our rental car with us. We ate a nice picnic lunch at the park. After lunch for a mere $3 we were able to enter a pen and pet a lion cub and a full grown cheetah! And yes, we used lots of hand sanitizer. As you can see from the pictures, Shane and I even tried our hand at snake handling!

We also took in a cave visit in the park where we viewed stalagmites and stalactites and were impressed with our local guide who gave us the history of the cave and made our visit enjoyable. You can see the pictures, but the quality is not great, since it was dark. Shane, Dan and I climbed up the ladder on the outside of the service elevator to get up, we figured why not take in a bit of adventure while we were able to!

After lunch we looked at more animals and then late in the day we headed back toward town to a restaurant aptly named “carnivore”. Along the way we discovered a fishing pond where you could fly fish for trout. Shane couldn’t resist a stop so we went in. The owner assured us there was no point in fishing, since it was late (about 5:30) and they closed at 6:00. Shane told the owner he only needed about 15 minutes.

In that short of time, Shane fished out three trout, while many of the residents who were looking on, had fished all day and caught nothing. No sooner had Shane pulled out his last fish then two people came over to the spot, asked what Shane was fishing with, and proceeded to stand next To him. All of this, even though the pond was small and you could cast your line from one side to the other.

From the fish ponds we travelled to supper at the carnivore where we were served all kinds of African meats…from crocodile (not a favourite) to Eland from lamb to venison, to impala. Needless to say, we were stuffed after such a supper.

Upon returning to our hotel, we were surprised to find the power out, so we are blogging by candlelight tonight! Trust all of you are well. Thanks for praying…and enjoy the pictures.

Pastor Herb





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