The Lord’s Day in Hillbrow, South Africa

Today being Sunday we spent the day in worship, fellowship and Bible study. The church that Dan and Karyn Hassman are planting meets at the Hillbrow Independent Baptist Church. They use an upstairs room, and they are given access to the building rent free.

Since they did not want to interfere with the English services of HIBC, they meet in the building in the afternoon. Church begins at 1:30pm in the afternoon and goes until about 4:00pm (don’t get any ideas, church!). We ministered as best we could today, Janet and I sang in the service…even though we sang in English…and I spoke in church on the subject of worry. I kind of figured that was a universal problem, applicable across all cultures!

The day wrapped up with the ladies ministering to the kids (4 Hassman girls + 2 more). It was a great day together with Paul, Merris, Alice, Lawrence, George, Gloria and the Hassmans. Something about gathering with believers no matter where you are in the world is an encouragement.

We travelled back to the Hassmans for supper, played games, played toys, did dress up and had a great time with the Hassman family. It will be hard to leave tomorrow, but we are looking forward to our travels to George tomorrow!

Hope you enjoyed a great day of worship together…we miss you all!

Pastor Herb
PS – as you can see, an impromptu game of soccer broke out after church!





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