From Brown to Green

Yesterday afternoon (I think it was Monday), we boarded a plane in Johannesburg, South Africa. As the plane climbed to 24,000 feet we were struck by how brown the ground looked. Chocolate brown fields and yellow-beige grass covered the landscape below. In the winter, Johannesburg has very little rain and cooler temperatures (in the Southern Hemisphere, the season are reversed). Because it is such a high city (higher than Denver, CO, which is a mile high), everything just fades to brown.

As we read, napped and talked our way on the two hour flight to George, the landscape began to rise. We began to see rivers, hills, the higher hills and what looked like peaks. Then, the coast! We have not seen the water since we left Saint John, so it was a welcome sight. We landed in the considerably warmer weather of George, and stepped off the plane to a sea of green. Plants are budding and the grass is a brilliant emerald colour.

At. The George airport (which is about the the size of the Saint John airport), we were greeted by our hosts, Dave and Julie Rudolph. They brought us outside the airport with our luggage and we paused on the sidewalk at the main entrance and Dave prayed a prayer of thanksgiving to God for our safe arrival. Then, we proceeded along the Garden Route to the city of Knysna, with a stop along the way to take in the breathtaking views of the coast. We delivered the package to Dave and Julie of the chocolate chips and Pop Tarts, and they were thankful!

We had a brief look at the narrow opening to the bay (called The Heads by locals), and then came home to a delicious supper of roasted vegetables, chicken and bread. We talked til nearly midnight, catching up on news and listening to stories about God’s work in this place. This morning, we. Are enjoying breakfast out with a day of ministry planned, and ending with a Bible study tonight.

Dan and Karyn are new to the field of South Africa, but Dave and Julie are veterans, having spent 28 years ministering here. We believe this juxtaposition of longevity will provide us with a full sense of what life is like at the beginning and at the midpoint of missionary life.

We miss of all of you at home, and often share stories of how. Certain things here or certain people here remind us of people back home. We’ll see you soon.

Pray for us!

Pastor Herb
PS…see if you can spot the whales in the ocean on the picture I took.





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