The Beauty of Africa

I’m not sure what I expected, but Africa is a place of tremendous natural beauty. We have seen small towns and cities nestled among high mountains. We have seen breath-taking hill top views and sandy beaches. The wildlife is no less impressive. Africa is home to a great deal of very unique wildlife. Shane actually spotted a couple of Baboons on the way to Sedgefield the other day.

Yesterday we spent much of our day getting up close and personal with some of the natural beauty of this place at the Plett Game Park. We drove around in an army-jeep thingy and viewed springbok, wildebeest, ostrich and crocodiles, to name a few! After lunch we travelled to an elephant park and had an opportunity to feed and touch the elephants. It was a thrilling experience! Believe it or not, we were all cold yesterday…that was something we did not expect to be in Africa either. But the wind blew and although the sun was out, the temperature never climbed much above 14 degrees. By the time the evening arrived, you could actually shiver if you stood outside too long!

After our day of sight seeing was over we enjoyed supper with Dr. Phil Golson and his family at their house in Knysna. Phil is here helping on the team that ministers along the Garden Route. We enjoyed our supper, headed back to the Rudolph’s and then fell into bed!

Thanks for reading…we’ll see you all soon!

Pastor Herb





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