Sharks and Pizza for the First Time

On Saturday, we made our way from Knysna to Mossel Bay early in the morning to go shark cage diving. We arrived at the shark diving premises and after a light breakfast, we were on our way out to sea by 9:00am.

The boat brought us to Seal Island, about 3/4 of a kilometre off shore. The crew of the boat threw some blood and fish remains over the side, and then started throwing out a line with a bunch of fish heads on it to try to attract some attention. Meanwhile, we put on our wet suits and diving masks and entered the cage, which was hung over the side of the boat. We held our breath and looked under the water at the sharks as they swam by the cage. It was quite thrilling! Then, we returned to Mossel Bay, where we changed, ate lunch and headed back to George. We did do a brief hike before we left, stopping only for a moment to feed the Rock Rabbits who inhabit the area. It wasn’t until later that we noticed we were not supposed to feed them, which we had been doing with Tic Tacs and Trident gum.

We travelled back to George and participated in a youth activity between the youth of Agape Baptist Church and My Fathers House Baptist Church. We played big ball soccer, took silly pictures then went a back to Pastor Rod’s house to have some pizza, pop and a sermon.

When the activity was over, we distributed the rest of the soccer balls we had, and we travelled back to Knysna. Pastor Dave told us that one of the young people from the township who was there had never eaten pizza before! Imagine being a teenager before you ate pizza!!

We all hit the sack early on Saturday might since we had a full day and an early start. Not only that, we wanted to be ready for Sunday and the full day of worship that was planned!

Please pray for Amy Blackburn, one of the single missionaries here on the Cape Team. She was admitted to hospital yesterday afternoon with gall bladder trouble. She had been driving us around all day, and felt sick later in the evening, so Julie took her in, were she has been admitted.

Thanks…more about today’s church services in tomorrow’s post!

We miss you all
Pastor Herb





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