Sunday Worship

On Sunday, we had a full day. We started off the day at the Lagoonside Baptist Church. The church meets in the Premiere Hotel in Knysna. About 40 of us met for worship in the rented conference room. We sang praises to God and Dave brought a message on the life of Elijah. Janet and I sang the song “I Run to Christ” as part of the service and Janet filled in for the ailing Amy Blackburn by teaching children’s church. How we have come to appreciate the folks in this church! We will be praying for the continued success of this work!

Immediately after church was over we travelled to the service in the Ntinglani township at My Father’s House Baptist Church. When we came in, they were having a time of public prayer. In the Xhosa language and culture, each person prays aloud…all at the same time. We knew we weren’t in Saint John anymore! As part of the service there was singing and Mamma Maria gave a testimony of her conversion and how God brought her to the place of willingness to give up her illegal liquor operation and use the bar as a
Church. The church is indeed the former bar, and I can tell you it is filled with the joy of the Lord as believers stand and sing praise to God. Dave spoke out of Revelation and Ella (terrific lady) translated the sermon into Xhosa. It was quite a morning.

After lunch and a brief rest, we returned to Sedgefield where we met with the believers from George, Knysna, Ntinglani Township, Sedgefield and another church along the garden route which we did not even get to see. We sang in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa as part of the service. Shane gave a testimony, Janet and I sang and I also brought a devotional to close the service.

We stayed afterward for tea and coffee and some light refreshment. We returned home with full hearts. The Sedgefield combined service seemed to me to be a small glimpse of what it will one day be like when we sing gathered before the throne of God from every tribe tongue people and nation!

We are looking forward to seeing these folks again in Glory!
Pastor Herb





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