Cape Town

Having visited the ministries along the Garden Route, Dave graciously agreed to take us to Cape Town to show us the place where it all began.

The drive to Cape Town led us through some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen on planet earth. Green fields, vineyards, yellow canola, and majestic mountains graced the view on every side. We tried learning a little Africaans along the way, reading it off road signs and farmers markets that we stopped in along the way. Just before night-fall we arrived at the Parrenberg Mountain Retreat, the Christian camp that is used by the churches along the Garden Route and the churches in the Cape Town area.

From the camp we grabbed a quick supper, and then headed to the hotel for the night. On Tuesday, we travelled down around the cape, stopping to see penguins, lighthouses and beautiful scenery. We also made it up table mountain, even though the visibility was poor. We did manage to see some of the view due to a break in the clouds, so we were excited. We sat in the cafe amidst the clouds and the drank a cup of tea in honour of Doug Ross, who assured us we needed to have that experience.

Bed, and then up in the AM to head back to Joburg where we have a one day rendezvous with the Hassmans before heading off to Paris tomorrow afternoon. We’ll see you all soon!

Pastor Herb





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