Our Last Day in South Africa

On Wednesday (Aug.28), we flew back to Johannesburg. Dan Hassman picked us up at the airport and took us to his house, but before making the trip to his house, we swung by the squatters camp, only a few blocks from where the Hassmans live.

We arrived at the Hassmans later in the afternoon, and spent a couple of pleasant hours just enjoying their company and entertaining their girls. Annalise, their youngest daughter loved to play on my ipad, and Elianna, their third daughter, wanted to show me the lego creation she had made while we were gone. The Hassman girls were so much fun, and at this point in the trip, are reminding us of how much we miss our own kids back home!

After a lovely supper, Shane and Ashley introduced the Hassmans to homemade donuts, which we enjoyed just before we returned to our room at the Vetho Hotel Apartments.

The next morning, (Thursday), we packed our bags, checked out and Dan picked us up. We went and picked up the girls and all 10 of us piled into Dan’s minivan and headed out to the “artisanal” market. The market was a large warehouse of small rooms where individuals were displaying handicrafts that they (or someone else) had made or a small store of China-made trinkets relating to Africa. We finished our souvenir shopping and then made our way to the mall, where we enjoyed lunch at the Mugg and Bean, a chain of coffee shops that are scattered across South Africa. After lunch, we went bowling with the Hassmans. The bowling is done with large balls, much the same as bowling in the US. We had fun laughing and talking, and the first time up, I caught my foot on the floor and went sprawling. Needless to say, that began the laughter!

We flew out of Joburg after some tearful farewells with Karyn and the girls. We have grown to love these special servants of the Lord and we are excited to see them again when they are home on furlough.

We flew overnight from Johannesburg to Paris, France, where we had an 11 hour layover. Due to the long layover, I had contacted Mike and Elva Farrell, with the hopes of meeting them while we were in Paris. They travelled a couple of hours from their home to meet us at the airport when we arrived at 5:30 in the morning! We spent a lovely few hours with these veteran missionaries seeing the sights of Paris. Mike and Elva guided us around the subway and through the crowded streets. We enjoyed a morning stop at a French cafe, saw the Eiffel Tower, walked inside Notre Dame and took a bus tour through this historical city…lingering as long as we could before we simply had to get back to the airport.

After lunch, we caught a train back to the airport, and prepared to board our next flight. We said farewell to the Farrell’s, thanking them for their service to The Lord on our behalf and assuring them of our continued prayers. Once our plane arrive, we boarded and flew to Boston. By the time we arrived in Boston, we were red-eyed and ready for bed!

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Pastor Herb





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