Why Go Back?

I am on my way to the Biblical Counseling Training Conference once again. Many people might be wondering why I would choose to return to the same conference for the third year in a row. So, let me explain.

The Material
I am fan of the BCTC because I am a fan of their material. Their speakers are committed first and foremost to the authority and sufficiency of scripture to deal with human problems. Initially, this might seem like a no-brainer. But, in the wider evangelical world, this emphasis is hardly a given. Many Bible college and seminary counseling programs actually merge secular therapeutic models with Biblical principle. The resulting material, which is known as “integrationist” devalues the scripture by placing it alongside psychological thinking as though the two were equal. Since the scriptures are God-breathed (1 Tim.3:16), they reveal to us the Creator’s insight into human problems and challenges. As helpful as some secular psychological models may be for explaining human behaviour, they ultimately fail to provide the probing insight that the scriptures provide into humanity’s ultimate problem. After all, the scriptures are designed by God to cut through human reasoning and speak to the heart of why we do what we do (Heb.4:12). The BCTC has consistently celebrated the scriptures as the only authority for faith and practice, and since that is my conviction, I keep coming back. Every time I come, I leave more convinced than ever that the scriptures are sufficient.

My Insufficiency
The other reason I come back each year to the BCTC is because I am still inadequate to the task of counseling. I still lack the insight, the wisdom, and the tools required to counsel as effectively as I desire to. I can do better, I must do better. I realize that any success is dependent on God, but God has called us train that we might increase our effectiveness for his glory. I find this conference helps me to do better at what God has called me to do, and so I have returned for three years. My prayer each year is that God will continue to teach me and mould me so I can be a more effective servant in his harvest field!

Keep praying for me…

Pastor Herb

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