Finally Home

After some delays in Indianapolis and missing a flight in Toronto as a result, I am finally home. Just in time too. We had another major snowstorm on Sunday and had to cancel our services as a result.

Although I was tired from travel and from the intensity of the BCTC, I would have loved to be with God’s people in church on Sunday. Having spent all week learning, soaking in the rich teaching I received at the conference, it would have been nice to wring out the sponge in the pulpit on Sunday. God knows best, however. In his sovereign plan, the storm was all part of His ongoing effort to produce Christ-likeness in me, and in our church family. So, no sense complaining. Just needed to pick up my shovel and be thankful.

I am back in the office now, and reflecting on the past week of learning I must acknowledge that the BCTC, hosted by Faith Church is one of the best run, most helpful conferences I have ever attended. The material, the speakers and the facility are conducive to maximum learning. I love that they pack as much as they can into the 5 days we are there. I always feel like I am getting my money’s worth (or in this case the church’s money worth).

I have a couple of counseling appointments this week, and so I would ask you to pray for me, that I would continue to dispense the wisdom of God’s word to help people in their struggle to grow and change. I look forward to how God will use my counselees to help me in the same process, as we journey together towards glory, when we will be in the fullest sense, finally home!

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